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My “Inspiring the Classroom” Moment


Thu Jun 13 2019

My “Inspiring the Classroom” Moment

At one point in my early career as a talent development professional, I became extremely overwhelmed with the demand of my job responsibilities. I had a moment of vulnerability that made me question my intent to continue growing my career in the TD field. During this particular time, I was facilitating a new hire onboarding training for a group of 18 new hires for the bank that I was employed with at the time.

The onboarding lasted two weeks, and each day that I was facilitating, my moments of doubt and frustration would leave me because being in the room with these new hires and listening to their enthusiasm about learning and growing fueled me with energy. After this particular class completed their onboarding, I resumed my normal activities in my role as L&D specialist. I was still feeling doubt and frustration because I thought that I was not making a positive impact on my company and living up to my expectations as a TD professional.


A month after this particular class of new hires, I received an email from one of the participants. The email read, ‘Thank you for your commitment to our success during our two weeks of training. Your passion for the company and the passion that you brought to the classroom every day was refreshing. You made our sessions fun, interactive, and informative. It is because of you that I felt reassured that I made the right decision to join this company.’

Reading this message was the moment that made me realize that I was where I needed to be with my profession. Knowing that my work and efforts inspires, motivates, and contributes to the growth of our people fulfills me every single day.

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