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National Conference Center Reveals Top 10 Ways to Conduct More Productive Meetings


Sun Jul 01 2012


During the venue site-selection process, meeting planners have different expectations and goals for their meeting. They need to carefully consider everything from the physical requirements they have of a venue to the more intangible issues, such as how well a venue’s goals align with their group’s goals. Yet beyond this, from initial planning to the closing of the billing statement, there’s a key element you need every step of the way: highquality service standards and hospitality. But exactly what constitutes this great level of service?

To find out, we distributed a survey about service to our database of 10,000+ meeting planners and trainers. The results revealed that each professional defines service differently, but overall, there is one common theme. Everyone is looking for high quality treatment from the venue’s staff. They want service that makes them feel like a valued individual.


Read the full PDF here.

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