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New eBook from Richardson


Tue Oct 11 2011


A lot has been said recently about the changing behaviors of buyers. No longer are companies able to control the flow of information to buyers thus the typical linear sales process has been thrown out the door. Without this linear process, salespeople are unable to control the pace and rhythm of the sales cycle. During the summer I wrote about Agility Selling - "a new paradigm that applies the latest research and the scientific principles of chaos theory to the challenges facing today's sales professionals".

As a follow up to that, I'd like to introduce you to a new eBook from Richardson, The Roadmap to Scalable and Sustainable Sales Transformation, which provides some case studies from companies that tackled this new buying decision reality by taking on "ambitious sales transformation initiatives" in areas like sales readiness, sales development, and ongoing sustainment of the behavioral and process changes.


As the introduction points out, prospective customers are designing solutions and making some decisions before your company is even contacted. Additionally, the emergence of procurement teams has created a decision by committee atmosphere. Both of these factors give a salesperson very little time to make their case so they must be prepared to demonstrate value to any member of the procurement team at a moment's notice. As trainers we must prepare them to adapt to the buyer's buying cycle and present value in terms the various members of the buying team understand.

Richardson's latest eBook offers 3 case studies highlighting the dramatic steps taken by 3 companies to meet these challenges by preparing their sales teams through proper training and development.

You can download a copy of the book here.

I hope you take some time to check it out!

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