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New Hire Ramp-Up Time


Tue May 12 2009


Ways to Decrease New Hire Ramp-Up Time

As part of the long-term answer to sales team problems, the sales training department is an often-overlooked solution to tough challenges in getting new hires up to speed.


If you are a sales trainer or sales manager struggling to get your new hires to their "break even" point quickly, then read on. Ideas for helping your sales management team focus salesperson activity include:

  • Offer sales tools and tips that will help them run professional appointments with ease and confidence

  • Keep in mind that metrics should show continued sales improvement. Key measures, such as time-to-new-sale, or sales cycle length can help you identify strong and weak performers.

  • Be sure to include growth plans and charts, and give them one direct point of contact, instead of several (which can lead to a breakdown in communication). Build a common purpose; set goals that help them achieve the best results for the organization and themselves

  • Conduct value-added daily or weekly updates with new hires

  • Be a mentor and be a sales team coach and provide new hire support on an ongoing basis

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