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New Leadership Communication Study Shows 44% of Business Leaders Are Unhappy with Their Employee Performance


Wed Nov 02 2011


(From PRNewswire) -- "Forty-four percent of business leaders reported they are unhappy with the performance of their employees and 70% of those struggling business leaders believe they need to adjust their approach to how they are communicating so they can better motivate their teams to get the results they desire," said Leadership and Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman, President of Weisman Success Resources.

These are among the key findings of a survey of approximately 200 business leaders that subscribe to the Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert Blog published by Weisman.


In the study, these business leaders ranging from C-Level executives at large corporations to small business owners were asked to evaluate their skills, comfort level and results achieved through their application of the three different levels of leadership communication:

  1. Their own self-communication

  2. Communicating in front of a group setting

  3. Communicating individually one-on-one with their team members.

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