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New Study Shatters Myth That Work-Life Is a Women’s Issue


Thu May 19 2011


(From Business Wire) -- Results from a research study of employees around the world conducted in the fall of 2010 reveal that, when it comes to work and family, men and women are more alike than different. This finding conflicts with a widely held assumption that male identity is rooted in work, whereas women place a higher priority on personal/family life.

The Global Study on Men and Work-Life Integration sought to understand how organizations can remove the stereotypes and barriers that prevent men from utilizing work-life offerings, as well as what prevents leaders and managers, who are often men, from supporting the use of work-life options. Findings include:


Work and Personal Identity - In terms of work identification and personal/family identity, there is little difference among generations or between men and women. Instead, the tangible difference can be found between emerging and developed countries, with work identification registering much higher in emerging markets than in developed ones.

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