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New Webinar: Drive Performance in Times of Change with Sales Coaching


Thu Dec 30 2010

New Webinar: Drive Performance in Times of Change with Sales Coaching-f1940ccc5496c6f2846321e309362b4f2c451a4eaa79bd9e3876e94fdd9aa804

As times change, so does an organization's strategy. To ensure that the execution is smooth and as close to the plan as possible, new processes and initiatives inevitably need to be created. This in turn requires buy-in and sales team behavior change, which is always easier said than done. So how can sales training and development leaders drive adoption in the most effective way? With sales coaching!

Join us for this FREE webinar from Dr. Brian Lambert of Forrester Research as he explores how a robust and active sales coaching program can identify new behaviors and reinforce them with tailored sales coaching conversations. In times of business change, sales coaching conversations are the best way to bridge strategy to execution while helping sales team members take new action or revise their current course. This webcast will focus on:

  • understanding the critical elements of behavior change in the sales force

  • the role of sales coaching in the overall learning strategy

  • building the foundation for a successful coaching culture, including defining the critical elements of a tailored sales coaching conversation

New times may call for new actions, but those new actions still need to be reinforced. Recognizing the role of coaching in a development strategy is key to making certain that behavior is truly being changed. Register now!

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