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New Whitepaper on Live Virtual Training for Sales Leaders


Wed Jul 25 2012

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A new whitepaper authored by 3G Selling, “Live Virtual Training: The Most Effective Way to Train Your Sales People,” examines why traditional sales training that takes place in the physical classroom has failed to deliver the measurable and sustainable business results organizations want. It then goes on to explore all the ways that live virtual training overcomes the challenges unique to training today's mobile, geographically dispersed sales workforce. 

Here’s an excerpt:  


As sales and learning leaders, the real issue we need to be looking at is the way sales training is delivered and how it affects training outcomes. By a ratio of about three to one, sales training decision-makers today favor physical, event-based classroom training over virtual training (including both “virtual instructor led training” (VILT) and asynchronous e-learning formats). And herein lies the problem. The demographics, working style and learning style of the U.S. workforce—and of sales professionals specifically—have changed radically since the 1990s. But the default approach we’re using to train them is stuck somewhere in the latter half of the twentieth century. 

The way we train has grown farther apart from the way people actually learn and, over time, this has compromised the effectiveness and impact of training. Consequently, many in the industry are now looking for ways to simultaneously cut costs, reach geographically dispersed learners and speed up program adoption while increasing learner engagement, training results and business impact.


You can download the complimentary whitepaper from the 3GS website.

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