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Participate in the 2016 State of the Industry and Learn More About 2015's Participants


Mon Jul 18 2016

Participate in the 2016 State of the Industry and Learn More About 2015's Participants

The survey for ATD’s 2016 State of the Industry, which provides valuable industry benchmarking data, is now open. Your organization’s participation is key: ATD can only provide benchmarking data for specific groups (such as industry and workforce size) if enough organizations from those groups respond. 

In 2015, the State of the Industry survey received responses from 336 different organizations. The size of those organizations varied widely: 147 were small (less than 499 employees), 120 were medium (500-9,999 employees), and 69 were large (10,000 or more employees). The 2015 report found that, on average, these organizations spent $1,229 per employee on learning in calendar or fiscal year 2014. 


Top Industries 

Nearly 45 percent of the report’s data came from respondents in five industries. Finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE) was the most heavily represented, with 49 participating organizations. The next largest groups were management consulting (to include HRD consulting) and manufacturing, each with 31 respondents. Oil, gas, and utilities represented the fourth-largest segment with 24 organizations; software publishers numbered 16. ATD was able to publish benchmarking data specific to these industries in the 2015 report.  

BEST Award Winners 

The ATD BEST Awards recognize organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of developing their employees. The 2015 State of the Industry featured responses from 30 BEST Award winners. On average, they spent $1,376 per employee on direct learning costs in 2014. 

Participate in the 2016 Survey Today 

Click here to submit your organization’s information by August 31. All responses will be kept confidential; they will be combined with other responses and summarized to further protect your privacy. Please note that the 2016 survey requests data from calendar or fiscal year 2015.

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