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Partnering with SMEs to Make Videos


Mon Jul 22 2013

Partnering with SMEs to Make Videos

Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn your subject matter experts into your partners? Let’s take an example. 

You are working with a subject matter expert who knows his stuff. You love what he knows, and it’s exactly what your organization needs to drive business to the next level. You have more than 2,500 people to train on this topic, so you decide to record a video of your SME delivering the content and ready the training segment for enterprise-wide distribution. You build the outline, identify your learning objectives and call in the SME. But you realize quickly that he knows everything about compliance training and nothing about being in front of a camera! What now?


On Thursday, July 24, at 2:00 pm ET, KZO Innovations will present, "Get Them Comfortable, Help Them Learn,” featuring the content of a new ASTD Press publication, SMEs from the Ground Up and the expertise of Greg Owen-Boger.

In this webcast, Greg Owen-Boger, cameraman-turned-learning-professional, will give you what you need to know to make your subject matter experts and trainers effective as well as confident when delivering learning via video. Additionally, Owen-Boger will help you understand the business case for developing and strengthening relationships with your SMEs.

Indeed, partnering with your SMEs and enterprise-wide use of video for learning are essential practices for strong learning programs with enterprise-wide results.  Learn more by registering for this free webinar, "Get Them Comfortable, Help Them Learn”.

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