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Podcast: Best Practices for Partnering With SMEs


Mon Apr 29 2013

Podcast: Best Practices for Partnering With SMEs-e1a67c522eb53656b0a0a43d33f404f401ad29376edadcd9c3840a4060e45cef

When working on instructional design projects with subject matter experts (SMEs), there are numerous moving parts to take into consideration—for launching a project, defining roles, bringing key players into the fold, and solving common critical issues with these relationships. In his new book SMEs From the Ground Up, Chuck Hodell tackles these and other core topics for working with experts on training projects.

Podcast: Best Practices for Partnering With SMEs-d3f5521462fa68b6351d7884d90c5cfeb24d8f4927cdf943add306a23c233da0

In this podcast, Chuck breaks down examples of technical, hybrid, instructional, functional, and sentinel SMEs. Focusing on the “relationship” aspect, Chuck provides some best practices for working with technical SMEs and learning to identify and chart your own best practices for your unique projects. 



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