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Ready-Set-GO! Accelerate Learning and DRIVE Team Performance!


Tue Apr 27 2010


What is Accelerated Learning?

Want to "Fire Up" your sales team? Accelerated learning (A.L.) is a proven science showing how specific intelligent learning activities and processes can dramatically advance human performance improvement. This science is catching the attention of School Teachers, Parents, Students, Adult Learners, and Corporate Trainers around the world touching all areas of the workplace, academia and at home.


Accelerated Learning teaches you "how to build a learning culture" in the Workplace! According to the book "World Class Selling: New Sales Competencies" Accelerating Learning uses convention and innovated approaches to quickly gain and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective job performance. Use it to effectively to build customer service teams, sales teams, teach the art of negotiating or teach new business closing skills. Other areas of accelerated learning for the workplace include: blended learning classroom strategies, teaching employees how to learn another language, how to deal with technological changes and keeping highly skilled workers.

What are the intangible benefits of Accelerated Learning for Sales Training?

  • Reduce training time and costs

  • Increase Sales Team productivity and performance

  • Create a profit center from the Sales Training Department

  • Learn Easier / Think Faster / Teach Better

  • Embrace Change and Technology

Accelerated Learning integrates your existing company training materials to do more with less in the wake of budget restraints and the increasing necessity of training and re-training employees.

You can also accommodate each individual team member's preferred learning style with games, physical activities, emotion, music, relaxation, visualization, role-playing, color, and learning maps to get people deeply involved in their own learning. Who would not want to learn in a joyful, loving, nurturing and stress-free learning environment?

IS THIS IS REALISTIC in a male dominated sales culture? YES! In fact, this is now the preferred intelligent culture design of top tier sales organizations! You can improve sales team results and cut training time / cost with an action packed curriculum. You can naturally complement multiple intelligence factors of the brain to add enormous social economic value to conventional learning corporate cultures.


Learning with your Whole Mind and Body. Accelerated Learning involves the whole body and mind with all emotion, senses and receptors - not just conscious, rational, "left-brained," and verbal learning. Knowledge is created and responds to one's "self". Accelerated Learning shows how to use new ways of thinking to create new meanings, new neural networks, and new patterns of electro/chemical interactions within one's total brain/body system.

A Positive Learning Environment - People excel better in an environment that is positive, physical, emotional, relaxed. It optimizes the quality and quantity of the learning experience. Positive feelings accelerate learning and negative feelings inhibit it. Learning that is stressful, painful, and boring cannot compete in an environment that is engaging, happy and celebrates success!

100% Engagement - People learn best when they are fully engaged, and (100%) involved. Accelerated Learning appeals to all types and gives people options to choose the learning style that serves them best.The brain is set up to use all the receptors and senses and paths it can into a person's total brain/body system.

Collaborative - Collaboration engages people on many levels simultaneously (consciously, mentally and physically) and good learning has a social base. We can learn from each other by interacting with peers. Competition slows learning and cooperation speeds it. An interactive, collaborative community is always better than isolating a collection of learners. People learn better when they are exposed to many things at once.

Contextual Learning - The Learning curve is much faster when real world experiences and hands on learning is applied with feedback, reflection, and evaluation and more practice. Facts, hypothetical theories and abstract concepts are hard to remember and absorb. Do you remember how to answer some of the test questions from your 10th grade Algebra class?


Imaginative and Creative - Visualization and verbalization of images stimulates the nervous system and the brain. Concrete images are easier to learn, understand, remember and retain than verbal abstractions.

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