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Recession Causes Perception Disconnect Between Employers and Workforce


Wed Oct 14 2009


MAYNARD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New research from Monster.com

and Human


Capital Institute reveals a dramatic difference in how employers and

workers perceive the impact of the current recession, potentially

leading to employers facing mass talent drains as the labor market

begins to turn. The reason - employers are vastly overrating the morale

of their employees as 84 percent of those surveyed indicated a belief


that their workforce is content to simply to have a job while only 58

percent of workers feel that way. Monster.com

is the leading global online career and recruitment resource and

flagship brand of Monster

Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW).


"Today's employers feel that employees are loyal due to the economic

times, but the reality is they are not," said Katherine Jones, HCI

Research Fellow. "Because of this, there is a strong likelihood that

when the economy turns for the better, employers could find themselves

with valued employees jumping ship. This places pressure on them to put

retention measures in place now."

"While this environment has created a prime opportunity to acquire top

talent and increase selective hiring, it is also a time for employers to

prepare their workforces strategically for moving forward in a

redefined, healthier economy," said Jesse Harriott, senior vice

president and chief knowledge officer at Monster. "However, to do that,

they need to better understand the mindset of their employees. As the

economy rebounds, those workplaces that have not invested in their

people could face a mass exodus of employees, potentially crippling the


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