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Recommended Reading: HBR’s “The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013”


Fri Dec 27 2013

Recommended Reading: HBR’s “The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013”

The closing of another year brings reflection. What happened in the past 12 months? What worked? What could the organization do better in 2014?

The HBR Blog Network article “The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013” reviews the business news that “surprised us or provoked us to think differently about an intractable problem or perennial question in management.”


Editors at Harvard Business Review examined the whole year of data to find what its readers found most compelling, and the subjects raised most frequently by its authors. HBR editor Katherine Bell writes, “The result is a set of ideas that together are important, useful, and original, and that feel like quite an accurate account of the management concerns many of us shared in 2013.”

Making the list:

1.  Leaning in will only get us so far.  

2.  If your knowledge-based industry hasn’t been disrupted yet, get ready. 

3.  The right kind of project management — and project manager — really matters


4.  The rest of us still have a lot to learn from Silicon Valley.  

5.  Technology offers real hope for Africa’s economic future.  

6.  Being nice makes you a better leader and your company more profitable—new research proves it.

7.  It’s possible to make more time in the day after all.   

For full analysis and links to articles related to each of the ideas, read the complete blog post at http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/12/the-ideas-that-shaped-management-in-2013.


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