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Remote Enablement: Maintaining Productivity, Communication, and Training From Home


Tue Apr 21 2020

Remote Enablement: Maintaining Productivity, Communication, and Training From Home

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We’ve entered a new normal. For most of us, this has required some scrambling to support our teams while working remotely. Instead of panicking to get all of your training and content online, Spekit wanted to share how you can get started with the most important enablement resources in days, not weeks.

In the following steps, we’ll help you implement an MVP remote enablement strategy that will fuel your team’s productivity and efficiency from anywhere.


Designing Your Remote Enablement Strategy and Resources for Maximum Impact

Before we start on the how to enable your team, let’s start with the two key reasons why they need training that’s bite-sized and reinforced:

1) Reinforcement Is the Key to Retention

  • When we learn new information, it’s first stored in our short-term or “working” memory.

  • Information that is not reinforced and processed in our working memory is discarded to make room for new concepts and ideas. It never makes it to our long-term memory.

2) Microlearning Is the Key to Reducing Cognitive Load

  • Your working memory has a limited capacity (also known as cognitive load). According to George Miller's theory, most adult learners are able to store between five and nine items of information at once in their short-term memory.

  • Microlearning, or instructional design, can be used to reduce cognitive load.

Provide Microlearning With Key Enablement Resources

So, where do you start? Follow these steps to identify the most crucial information to kick off with:

Step One: Audit and Centralize

  • Run an Audit and Survey by Team: What resources are needed most? What questions are frequently being asked across channels? Which tools does your team struggle with the most?

  • Create “Source of Truth” Docs: A single document drafted by your team with links to all the key resources they need.

  • Create “Cheat Sheets” or “Journey of the Employee by Team”: For example, if you recently hired a new sales development rep, create a Journey of the New Rep document that highlights all of the introductory knowledge and resources they’ll need quick access to.

Step Two: Eliminate Costly Errors in Your Tools and Processes

Host a “bug smashing” meeting to identify where the business is at risk and what content or training gaps need to be filled. Ask questions such as:

  • What were some recent errors made? What were the consequences?

  • What fields are consistently filled out incorrectly?

  • Where are your critical handoffs?

  • Where are checks and balances needed?

After asking these questions, you should have a solid list of the initial training materials you need to create for your team.

Provide Reinforcement by Surfacing Key Resources at Your Employees’ Fingertips

Now that you’ve identified the gaps and created the initial content in bite-sized microlearning formats, it’s time to make it readily accessible to your team (reinforcement).


That’s where Spekit comes in. Spekit is an in-app learning and digital companion that helps employees learn their tools and navigate process changes by accessing answers and enablement resources in real-time, everywhere they work. Imagine the sophistication of a modern digital adoption platform combined with the simplicity of a contextual knowledge base for a lightweight yet powerful solution to continuous employee training.

Taking all of that great content you’ve created and placing it at your employees’ fingertips of is as easy as one, two, three.

1) Sign Up for Spekit (Free for Up to 10 Users): During the sign-up process, you can choose to automatically import free, out-of-the-box training content to help you get started with additional tool training.

2) Create Content Cards (We Call Them Speks): Take the training you created and add it to the library, broken down into bite-sized, easy-to-digest content cards.

3) Invite Your Team to the Platform: During sign-up, they’ll be prompted to install the Spekit Chrome Extension. This extension will allow them to access the training you’ve created across any app, in any workflow.

Voila! In a matter of steps, you’ve empowered your team with the most essential enablement resources they can access from anywhere.

During the next few weeks, continue adding resources and training to your Spekit library, and soon you’ll have one consolidated source of truth for your training and content. Have questions? Need help getting started? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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