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SaaS Is the Future of Recruitment in an Increasingly Global Market


Mon May 20 2013


According to the results of a recent survey by Evenbase, which compared and contrasted the recruitment markets in 12 countries, the digital recruitment market in 2020 is set to become an increasingly global landscape.

Included in the top results of The Hottest Markets in 2020 were Brazil, India, and China—the United Kingdom was placed at joint 10th in the list alongside Mexico. The research considered such factors as growth potential, size of labor pool, innovation potential, advertising revenue potential, ease of hiring, and ease of entry.


The results point toward an increasingly global and competitive recruitment market. However, “National identities remain complex; the models that work in Belgium will probably not work in Brazil,” says Evenbase CEO Keith Potts in response to the results.

Nick John, managing director of FCP Internet Limited, a provider in recruitment software with evolve™, believes that the answer to this increasingly global market is the cloud, specifically SaaS (software as a service).

“We are advising forward-thinking recruitment companies to recognise that a global market is the future and that businesses need to have the correct infrastructure in place to attract and meet the needs of this pool of talent. SaaS is ideal for the changing market and will give companies the foundation for international expansion,” says John.

 “Brazil is a perfect example of a market that is young, confident and digitally innovative,” John adds, “and there is growth potential on many levels for recruitment firms. The country sits at the top of the list of hottest markets and has excellent prospects.

“That only 1.1 percent of Brazilians are hired through agencies should tell companies that there is considerable potential growth in these markets However, companies must have the proper infrastructure in place to optimise for such diverse cultures.”


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