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Tue Jun 02 2009


A good sales management team can include the following items in their sales tool box.

The use of technology to:

  • Support sales "trigger events" within the market place

  • Deliver relevant and timely sales training and education

  • Build rapport and relationships with clients

  • Manage internal work flow and communications to deliver highly customized solutions

  • Capture, store, and calculate the ROI and other metrics

  • Facilitate customer service and follow up

  • Manage communications "in the field"

  • Better time and territory management that support sales goals

  • More effective presentations that focus on value

  • Inventory levels or shipping details

When your sales team is armed with the latest arsenal of sales and marketing tools, you can be more confident knowing they are out in the field and ready to close every deal. For example, after your new hire sales training and orientation, your sales team will need expert sales tools to keep them on top of their clients and ahead of the competition. Your sales tools can include up-to-date fact sheets and information so they can be viewed as well informed by their potential prospects.

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