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Sat Jun 13 2009


The sales staff is the front line of your organization. Therefore, it's a good idea to ensure their sales process is fully enabled, well defined, provided in writing, and memorized by team members. Ensure your corporate sales training has the ability to enhance the skills and abilities that are already present within each sales team members. Likewise, approach the the gaps in knowledge and skill to achieve competitive advantage. This will help your corporate sales team assume a leadership position.

Other tips include:

  • Treat each individual sales position as unique. From the staff level employees, to the highest level of sales team positions, each person has a unique job to do--treat them that way

  • Ensure you have the available resources to conduct value-added training

  • Support your sales training with sales coaching; without it, you will probably find adoption difficult

  • Train your sales force within the same time frame.

  • Develop a written process with detailed procedures for new hires, so they are trained quickly and can begin making sales quickly.

  • Let every sales team member know they are of great value and importance to your company.

  • Make them feel and realize they hold significant roles in reaching your corporations sales goals and overall success. When a sales team member knows they are a great asset, your company will have a stable environment and solid sales organization.

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