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September 2012 L&D Community Editorial: It's Time to Learn!


Sat Sep 01 2012

September 2012 L&D Community Editorial: It's Time to Learn!-ee14968ef08d6b29a35a56853db86ec38a8fa25e02242e10a6f457611fcdad04

Unless you have been exceedingly busy (or just really enjoying that vacation), you’ve probably noticed that it is nearly time to say good-bye to summer. The days are growing shorter. The store aisles are overflowing with pencils and notebooks instead of lawn chairs and citronella candles. And at the Howard University campus near where I live in Washington, D.C., the multitude of overstuffed backpacks and much longer line at Starbucks helps sound the alarm: It’s time to learn!

Whether or not you’re in a formal academic program, this time of year seems to inspire many of us to learn—to hone a new life skill or refresh the methods we use to help others gain knowledge. But once inspiration hits, where and how do you get started? 


Saul Carliner has developed a great quiz that invites us to evaluate the learning decisions we make at the “moment of need.” Answer the questions in the quiz, and let us know where you rank. In addition, the L&D Community offers a solid collection of on-demand learning tools for your “moment of need” or “moment of inspiration”—webcasts, our blog, and the Yammer network, to name a few.

The Yammer network, in particular, is quite interesting. I’m always pleasantly astounded by the helpful responses that virtually every question receives. Practitioners who live thousands of miles apart interact like coworkers and old friends, guiding one another to trusted resources, best practices, or “take it from me” tips based on years of experience. It’s something we feel pretty lucky to be able to sponsor, as well as witness.

So, what are your favorite “moment of need” go-to resources? Do you use networks such as Yammer or message boards? Is a simple Google search your best friend? Is there something missing from ASTD’s arsenal of social learning offerings? Leave a comment below, and let's talk about it!

PS: Speaking of on-demand learning, take advantage of these upcoming complimentary L&D Community webcasts: on August 30, “SMEs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” with Sarah Wakefield, and “Learning Transfer: The Two Key Questions,” presented by Roy Pollock and Andrew Jefferson on September 6.

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