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Skip Analysis at Your Own Peril 3 Tools to Save Your Project Valuable Time


Mon Jul 23 2012


In my last post, I discussed three ways to proactively include analysis in your project. But, something tells me you still need convincing. I sense that a lot of you out there are still unconvinced that a valuable analysis can be done on a limited time frame and limited budget. Well alright, since you asked for it…here are three quick and easy tools to cut to conduct an effective analysis.

  1. Make Assumptions. Bypass the standard audience analysis to find out age, gender, and other demographic information. When it comes to learning, remember that all adult learners want to be engaged, respected, and involved. When time is of the essence, it’s safe to assume that an interactive and relevant training design will work for all learners.

  2. Ask Targeted Questions. No matter what kind of analysis method you choose, it’s important to refine your questions into the most specific possible. Instead of asking, “Do you understand the employee benefits package?” You can use a Likert rating scale and ask, “Rate the degree to which you feel comfortable explaining the following components of the employee benefits package…” Avoid asking open-ended questions if you don’t have time to read each response.

  3. Virtual Focus Groups. Focus groups can provide very high-value data, but getting a group together physically can be a drain on your budget and timeline. Instead, set up a series of 30- or 60-minute teleconferences with the group. Be sure to provide the agenda to the group in advance. After the sessions, send out your notes to the group and allow them to send back any additional thoughts on the topic.

With these ideas, you can conduct a quick but effective analysis to make sure your project gets started in the right direction. In my next post, we will look at more tools for saving time on design!


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