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Storytelling as a Strategic Learning Tool


Thu Feb 23 2017

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Is storytelling the right fit for training? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Using storytelling to deliver content is effective because it engages learners, helps them retain their learning, and helps you organize your content more efficiently. Indeed, the benefits are clear:

  • Stories provide a realistic context for content. 

  • Stories convey action versus static information. 

  • Stories motivate participants to connect with content. 

  • Stories add interest to learning programs.

But there are many different kinds of stories, so you need to find one that makes a relevant point and fits the content. This short video reviews some of the factors you should consider to ensure that you are using stories as a strategic learning tool.

If you want to learn even more best practices for using stories in training, be sure to join me for the LearnNow: Storytelling workshop. You will learn how to identify and craft stories that engage, persuade, and train. I also will review the Story Theater Method of combining storytelling form and structure, acting skills, and message branding to create the perfect formula for training delivery success. The result is training that is more entertaining, effective, and experiential.

Hope to see you April 13-14 in Tempe, Arizona at LearnNow: Storytelling.

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