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Support: A Key Ingredient to Successful Career Transition


Mon Sep 17 2012


Career transitions are a time to become aware of—and even more thankful for—the support people in our lives. Whether it is you who needs help or someone in your life, it can be a time to ask or offer support to others. A support network is a key element in successful goal achievement in a new job, a new salary, a promotion, or just staying motivated in a job search. 

The importance of a good support system was evident when watching the 2012 Olympic Games in August. Many of the accomplished, dedicated, world-class athletes were quick to share their gratitude to the people who supported them in their achievement journey. Accolades were shared with God, mothers, fathers, coaches, teammates, extended family members, role models, training partners, mentors, and friends.   


When going through a career transition, it is important to not only be aware of, but accept the support and constructive help of others. Role models and teammates can provide the mental goal needed to achieve the desired result.  It is important to seek support from skilled professionals (mentors, leaders, and coaches) to help guide your process effectively. 


Selectively, friends and family are important support as they care about you as a person. Accountability partners and people (teammates and co-workers) who are in the same situation can be counted on for encouragement and informational support as well.   

But keep in mind that many people can offer support that is misdirected—however well intended. Therefore a key element in the process of seeking support is to be specific about your needs. What kind of help do you want and how often?    

If you are feeling like you aren’t getting the support you need and could use some assistance, be willing to ask for help. Again, be specific.  Sometimes people are not sure of your needs and require some direction to help you.   


To be sure, career changes can seem daunting; however, people generally want to help.  Just help them know how best to do it. And keep the faith that this journey will allow you the opportunity to thank your personal support team at the goal—just like those Olympic athletes.

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