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Survey: Staffing Firms' Plan of Attack for 2009


Thu Feb 12 2009


(Chicago, IL, February 12th, 2009, Talent Drive) TalentDrive, the creator of the advanced SaaS recruitment technology, TalentFilterSM, just today released the results from the recent "How is Your Firm Adjusting to the Economy" January 2009 survey. This survey investigated the tactics Staffing Firms are employing to transition to the new economic situation. The most profound statistic was over 58% of those surveyed reported implementing new services and re-positioning their company to attract new clientele. 52% of the firms are investing in more marketing and a sales force increase as the major strategic effort.

The survey went on to explore staffing firm predictions for the hiring return and major concerns for 2009. Surprisingly, 57% predict the staffing downturn will lighten by the end of Quarter 3 2009, returning to near normal hiring conditions by fall. 65% of firms surveyed feel the overabundance of resumes flooding the market and resume quality issues to be the two major concerns for 2009. As the talent pool continues to expand, firms are struggling with the quantity versus quality conundrum.


Over 7,500 Staffing Firms and Independent Recruiters were surveyed. This survey was conducted between January 16th, 2009 and February 6th, 2009. In summary, the survey found these key points:

  • 52% are investing in increased marketing efforts and a sales force increase as the number one strategic effort for business development

  • 58% are implementing new services and re-positioning their company to attract new clientele

  • 57% predict the staffing downturn will lighten by Q3 2009

  • 65% of staffing firms find the overabundance and quality issues of resumes the number one concern for 2009

"With the weakened economy and raising unemployment rate across the US, the exponential increase in the talent pool is causing real issues for staffing firms and the recruiting industry as a whole. It is important that staffing firms work towards improved efficiency and possibly technology solutions to help make sense of the mess," Sean Bisceglia, CEO TalentDrive.

(Media Contact: Alissa Gothard, TalentDrive, 312.676.4204, [email protected])

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