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Tue Sep 01 2009


We hope you enjoyed our latest webinar, "Accelerating Revenue Through Learning: ASTD's 2011 Report on Sales Training." Expect to see an archived version of the presentation in our webcast section within the next few days.

You've taken your first steps in learning the best practices for sales training. Here are some products we think can help you reach your goals.


Accelerating Revenue Through Learning: Developing Sales Teams That Win

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Now that you've spent an hour learning about the report, why not read it yourself? The report investigates three primary sales issues: how the sales process has evolved, how that evolutionary process has affected the training requirements of salespeople, and how sales training functions within corporations respond to these changes. Ultimately, it provides specific learning objectives and recommendations to positively influence sales effectiveness.

State of Sales Training

This research report complements Accelerating Revenue. It explores how today's organizations are approaching sales training and sheds light on opportunities that organizations are missing to optimize those approaches or consider new ones. Based on a survey of more than 500 experts, the ASTD/Intrepid/i4cp study will equip you with the statistics to inform important sales training decisions, provide you with a background on the current sales training environment, and give you policy recommendations that can get you started on the road to success now.


World Class Selling: New Sales Competencies

After reading all of the research about sales training, you'll want a foundation to build your new practices on. Use World Class Selling as that resource for driving sales and getting results. Based on data-driven criteria from thousands of sales managers, sales trainers, and sales people, this publication identifies the necessary criteria for building a world-class sales team.

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