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The CPLP Opened Doors for Me


Thu Aug 31 2017

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Early on in my career I developed an insatiable passion for learning and development. From leadership development in a retail environment to onboarding in corporate America, I felt an energy like I’d never experienced! When I joined ATD and discovered the CPLP credential, I counted down the days until I had my five years for TD full time job experience and was eligible to take the exam.

The CPLP offered an opportunity to not only prove my knowledge base in the talent development industry, but to demonstrate my skills in the training delivery area of expertise (AOE). It would give me the ability to be a more valuable member in my organization’s learning community, and my network had the potential to develop beyond my wildest dreams.


With the support of my company, I applied for the Knowledge Exam and ordered the online Learning System. Over the next five months, I set aside time to read and study each week. I developed my study plan using the CPLP practice exams to diagnose my strengths and weaknesses. I used the chapter quizzes to test myself and slowly pared down the subjects I needed to focus on as the exam date approached. I was surprised by the quizzes and practice exam—my real-life experiences were relatable, but the language was often different. I had to train my brain to merge the content and make it meaningful and relevant to my every day work.

During those five months of CPLP prep, I also sold my house, bought a new one in a new town, renovated that house (with plenty of help), and continued my regular job duties. I also have two young children and a very close-knit family, so it was a busy summer and fall!

On test day I settled into the testing room, and started answering the questions. When the exam was over, I felt a surge of energy as my results popped up on the screen. I had passed the Knowledge Exam! I celebrated with an afternoon on the playground with my kids.

Next I began to prepare my project. I knew that training delivery would be my chosen AOE, because I have developed as a facilitator over my entire career and this was the time to prove my abilities.

During notification week I must have checked my email every 10 minutes. Finally in the middle of the week I received the notification email. I felt a surge of adrenaline course through my body as my eyes landed on the word “pass.”


Now that I’ve earned the CPLP credential, I’m looking forward to expanding my network and learning even more. I’ve been able to use the skills from my project to create a more inclusive and engaging environment in the training room each day. I am able to expand my area of influence and reach out into the world of organization development and talent. I have earned credibility as an expert within my organization and am able to share what I’ve learned. Doors are opening all around me.

The process is long and challenging, but the experience is certainly worth the effort. I can wear my lapel pin proudly and look forward to the future as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance.

Learn more about the CPLP Certification.

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