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The CPLP Reignited My Desire for Knowledge


Thu Jun 29 2017

The CPLP Reignited My Desire for Knowledge

I work for a small company destined and determined to do big things. One of those big things is to launch an off-the-shelf training curriculum for new managers. This project is my baby—I’m the creator, designer, and development director. As this endeavor was becoming a reality, I wanted something that would set me apart from others who were developing courseware on the same topic. I wanted a credential that says, “Hey, she knows what she’s doing!” 

That’s when I found the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification. It was exactly what I was looking for to certify my knowledge and experience, and to set our training program apart from others out there. 


I decided to dedicate the next year to earning my CPLP, and made a plan to make earning my CPLP benefit me as well as my company. As I studied each area of expertise, I planned lunch & learn sessions to share what I was learning with my colleagues. These helped me prepare for the exams, gave my colleagues information about each area, and helped me stay accountable to my study schedule. We also started a study group at work—one of four study groups I participated in to prepare for the exams! I think the activities that allowed me to share my knowledge with my colleagues or study buddies were the most beneficial. Everyone I work with is whip-smart, and they asked amazing questions that challenged me to really know my stuff.  

I passed the Knowledge Exam portion of the course, and began studying for the instructional design skills application exam (ID SAE). I chose instructional design as my area of expertise because that’s the main focus of my career, and I really wanted to certify my skills in that area. None of my study buddies were taking the ID SAE, so I found another buddy to work with, and I enlisted a colleague to develop surprise quizzes for us. By my scheduled test day, I felt very prepared. I completed the exam within the time limit and thought I had done well. Then the wait began. Those weeks of waiting for my exam results were challenging! Because I had dedicated a full year to earning my CPLP, seven weeks of waiting should have been nothing, but it felt like seven years! The moment I received the email that I had passed the SAE and was now a CPLP was amazing! My colleagues could hear my squeals from miles away! 

The most important thing about my journey is that I didn’t take it alone. My colleagues supported me every step of the way, study buddies worked with me to learn the content, my goal buddy kept me accountable to my timeline, my family quizzed me regularly and cheered me on, and my company supported me with time and finances. Even when I was alone in the testing facility, I felt their support and encouragement the entire time. 

Earning my CPLP provided me with that something that sets me apart from others. It also reignited my desire for knowledge of the talent development industry. The industry is always growing and changing as we find new ways to help others improve. I want to keep learning, growing, and changing along with it, as I find new ways to help others reach their development goals. 

Learn more about the CPLP certification.


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