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The Reading Revival's Secret to Boost Workplace Learning


Thu May 16 2024

The Reading Revival's Secret to Boost Workplace Learning

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Are we at the start of a reading renaissance? If we re-create a similar approach to that of the 15th and 16th centuries, this could be a radical turning point. Knowledge and reason will meet harmony and fulfillment. And books have the power to do that for us.

Why Books?

Whereas online information is often distorted, books usually contain well-researched and meaningful ideas. They also inspire, comfort, and teach. Or in neuropsychiatrist Iain McGilchrist’s words, what is in books “goes back into life and transforms it.”


In his book The Master and His Emissary, Iain McGilchrist explores how we have mechanized the world. As this CBC article about how the left side of our brains has taken over, it explains how both hemispheres perform the same functions but they see the world differently.

And, according to McGilchrist, we now operate as if we had right hemisphere brain damage.

In reality, we need to leverage both hemispheres if we want deep relationships and a meaningful life. And books can do that for us, because they allow us to understand the big picture as well as how we fit into it, or a right hemisphere view.

Books provide a path to balance and harmony both at work and at home:

  • Connect new ideas. Books allow us to step back and view things differently. As such, we connect new dots and see more opportunities than before.

  • Create a common language. Discussing key ideas from a book and debating how to implement them naturally brings people together.

  • Challenge inner beliefs. By definition, books give alternative views that can help us change our beliefs.

Transforming Your Organization Through Book Clubs

Harry S. Truman is often quoted as having said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Intuitively, we all know that the responsibility of leadership comes with humility and a thirst for learning. But this learning isn’t just for gathering the next best technique or framework. Essentially, books encourage us to let go of preconceived ideas. They also allow us to connect with our humanity on a deeper level.


Book clubs in your organization can further deepen this sense of connection to ourselves and each other. They’re a powerful platform to give your teams the space to debate ideas and explore how to apply them. And don’t forget other strategies for cultivating a learning culture, such as mentorship and interactive learning. Although, these can also be combined into book clubs.

Nevertheless, it isn’t easy building a learning or a reading culture. As such, the reading renaissance webinar goes through actionable techniques for you to try. Get your organization’s book club going with these easy-to-apply techniques:

Discover practical techniques to transform your organization through books and book clubs in the on-demand reading renaissance webinar Proven Techniques to Activate Your Team With Books That Matter.

Be Part of the Reading Renaissance and Propel Your Teams Forward

Do you want to continue living in a world that we exploit, or do you want to feel in harmony with each other and the world around you?

As we all seek to balance our needs with that of those around us, books provide the sustenance and wisdom to give us the free thinking we need to go beyond simply acquiring profit.


So, listen to the webinar Reading Renaissance: Proven Techniques to Activate Your Team With Books That Matter to discover how to build a book platform with playlists and discussion groups that enable your leaders to step up. This might also encourage others to step out of the shadows and pick up the mantle to lead us all into greater harmony.

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