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The Secret is out. Powerful CEO's hang at ASTD events!


Tue May 25 2010


You want a well-kept sales secret?

Top Decision Makers of major corporations attend the ASTD International Convention Expo every year.


Why is this important to you? MONEY, LEVERAGE, and very POWERFUL CAREER NETWORKING.

You want to get next to CEO's, Presidents, and Senior Leaders of companies?

Presidents, CEO's and Senior leaders are ALWAYS interested in following ASTD.org information to gain a competitive edge. HANG OUT WITH Workplace TRAINERS!

In attendance this year, Senior Executives from American Express, IBM, Verizon, Shell Chemical, Bank of America, Tecktronix, St. Judes Children's Hospital, Comcast, SouthWest Airlines, (just to name a few) were in attendance. They are as APPROACHABLE as your neighbor next door and openly share their feelings with a friendly handshake!

Where in the world does that happen in the selling environment?!


Attending this year are famous World Class Leaders like Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), Charlene Li, (Open Sharing and Thought Leadership), and Daniel Pink. (Wallstreet and Bloomberg Business Analyst).

WHY are they here? Corporate Trainers (especially SALES TRAINERS) are responsible for workplace performance and productivity of the employees. They are responsible for calculating the impact of employee work activities. They gather this business intelligence and consult with their top Executives as a result.

Go to an ASTD International Convention or the ASTD Techknowledge Conferences!

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD.org) in Washington D.C. is the global authoritative voice on workplace advancement in employee training. That is why this site will become a very important resource for the sales industry in the next year. Sales Training Drivers.com is an ASTD.org branded product.

Sales Leaders hang out here...and so will your CEO!


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