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Top 7 Reasons You Need Consulting Skills


Thu Oct 02 2014

Top 7 Reasons You Need Consulting Skills


Here is my list of the top seven reasons why I think it’s important to have consulting skills—even though you may not hold the consultant title.                 


#7: You know how to discuss and share strategies regarding how relationships and credibility are built. 

#6: You know how to plan for an initial client engagement meeting. 

#5: You know how to discuss the "must-haves" in each step of the consulting process for success. 

#4: You know how to weigh the pros and cons of various data collection techniques. 

#3: You know how to conduct an information-gathering interview.  


#2: You know how to apply specific strategies for handling client resistance. 

#1: You know how to apply a step-by-step consulting model and approach to any project in any industry. 

Achieving success as a business partner in your organization requires strong consulting skills and relationship building. To learn effective consulting skills that will enable you to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes, establish goals, and manage expectations, join me for an upcoming Consulting Skills Certificate. Not only will you benefit from the curriculum, but you’ll also gain insight from the real-world experiences of your peers and the facilitator.

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