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Tough Decisions in a Downturn Don’t Have to Lead to Disengaged Employees


Thu Aug 13 2009


An engaged workforce is more important now than ever. But in the current economy organizations may feel their options are limited.

"Even while cutting costs, our research shows companies can still engage their employees through soft dollar investments made by their leaders and managers," notes William Werhane, Hay Group Insight's global managing director. "Our research shows that even during the downturn, companies that have focused on maintaining open and honest communication with employees, ensuring that strategic directions are clear, fostering trust and confidence in senior leaders are seeing positive returns on their investments."


New data from Hay Group Insight reveal that companies that have remained focused on employee engagement in the current economic downturn have succeeded in maintaining and even increasing motivation levels. But harnessing and channelling that motivation is also critical to deliver superior financial results, customer satisfaction, and employee performance.

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