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Turn Sales Leadership Strategies Into Training Actions in 2012


Sun Jun 17 2012


Link: http://www.astd.org/Publications/Magazines/TD/TD-Archive/2012/06/Turn-Sales-Leadership-Strategies-Into-Training-Actions.aspx

Featured Article: Turn Sales Leadership Strategies Into Training Actions 


By Sam Reese and Joe Galvin

Sam Reese and Joe Galvin explore the results from the 2012 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practice Study in “Turn Sales Leadership Strategies into Training Actions,” and discuss how these results can improve the development of salespeople in the future. The results of this survey effect many aspects of sales, from understanding your customers to how technology can improve results.

Excerpt taken directly from “Turn Sales Leadership Strategies Into Training Actions” by Sam Reese and Joe Galvin

Putting yourself in another person's shoes can be an eye-opening experience. For professionals in learning and development roles, one challenge is staying connected to the current needs of your internal customers to be able to identify and create the most meaningful development programs. Being well-aligned ultimately will achieve a higher level of success. Looking at the world through the eyes of sales leaders can provide a new perspective and fresh insight on the sales development strategies required to bridge the gaps between where your organization is today and where you want to be tomorrow.

The results from the 2012 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study provide a look at what's on the minds of sales leaders around the world. These insights can help you to validate development plans that are already in place, but it also may help you to predict what's coming next.


On the path to increased revenue, there are key measurements where sales leaders are focused on making improvement, and they are relying on partnerships within the organization to make it happen. To help ensure lasting results from development initiatives, organizations are taking a more collaborative approach to how they invest in the development of their sales teams.

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