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Two Key Elements of Employee Engagement


Tue Apr 02 2013


A couple of years ago a global survey was done with close to 90,000 employees in mid-size and large organizations. The research uncovered two elements that have a particularly strong influence on employee engagement.

The first key element of employee engagement is senior management’s interest in employee well being. 


The second key element of employee engagement is creating a culture of learning and development for employees.  

As I have said previously, senior leadership’s job #1 is chief obstacle remover. 

The first element refers to the decisions executives make, communicate and reinforce in areas like strategy, structure, systems, processes and rewards.

At CSI we have observed when senior leadership decisions and actions convey to employees that they understand and act on their concerns, employee engagement goes up.

Likewise, when an organization creates a positive learning environment and positive learning experiences, employee engagement goes up.


I have observed when employees receive skills that make them more marketable, engagement always increases.

If you are a leader and you focus on these two keys I guarantee your employee engagement and your business results will be positively better.

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