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UK: Call for a workplace revolution to end the pain of labour


Fri Dec 04 2009


(From FT.com) Richard Donkin is a humane, thoughtful writer who has spent years

considering the changing shape of work. A former Financial Times


columnist, his previous book, Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Evolution of Work, is a fine history of the labouring process.

According to the back-flap of The Future of Work

, his latest title, he presents a "cohesive argument for a fundamental

change in attitudes to work" and offers "a set of practical tools and

ideas to effect change in the workplace".


These promises are not

fulfilled. But Donkin does offer some useful insights and challenges.

First, he launches an assault on the idea of a fixed retirement age,

which he rightly sees as pernicious and socially unjust, and calls on

governments and companies to "retire the concept of retirement".


Read the entire article.

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