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UK: Top Learning Trends for 2012


Fri Jan 13 2012


(From hrzone.co.uk) -- Following the economic events and strategies of 2011, the theme of 2012 will be doing more with less. When it comes to learning management, cost cutting and time cutting have always been initiatives that seemed difficult to incorporate while still delivering learning effectively. But technology has progressed, and learning management solutions can be integrated and centralized, delivered on-the-go with formal or informal learning, created for consumption by a variety of audiences, and updated and innovated with behind-the-scenes smoothness.

It is these technologies and motivations that are influencing the five trends in today’s learning management space: the continued convergence around integrated solutions, the emergence of using social media for effective informal learning, the adoption of mobile learning, the importance of progressive SaaS model, and the evolution of a global understanding in learning content. Though not all novel, the more familiar trends tend to focus on increasing the reach and potential of existing solutions so companies can leverage their existing systems instead of replacing them. Recognizing the relevance of these trends is the first step in maximizing them for your organization in the next year and the years to come.


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