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Uncle Sam’s List: One-Stop Shopping for Federal Shared Services


Wed Sep 04 2013

Uncle Sam’s List: One-Stop Shopping for Federal Shared Services

Uncle Sam’s List is the new federal government platform with the unique purpose to act as a clearinghouse to aggregate information about federal contracts. Launched just a few months ago by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as part of its shared services strategy, its goal is to uncover opportunities for savings and eliminating redundancies. 

Federal employees can review the list for information about federal contracts in order to identify duplicative or redundant services and to provide a government wide view into the range of prices paid for similar services/products across the federal government.


Lisa Schlosser, OMB’s deputy administrator for e-government and information technology explained how Uncle Sam’s List works at the 2013 Federal CIO-CFO Summit. “If you need, say data-center space, you go to this one database and identify who’s offering this service, who might have excess capacity that you can take advantage of,” Schlosser said.

Although still in its pilot program stage, Uncle Sam’s List has already resulted in 300 million in savings and may save the government billions more.

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