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U.S. Tech Industry Likely to Lose Thousands of Experienced IT Professionals to India


Tue May 03 2011


(From PRNewswire) -- U.S. companies might face a brain drain as thousands of Indian IT professionals contemplate returning to their homeland according to a new survey conducted by Corp-Corp.com, one of the fast-growing U.S.-based technology job portals. They conducted a survey recently among the Indian IT professionals in the U.S. about returning to India trends.

"The results are very important for American businesses because they may face challenges in filling the gap of these resources," said Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO of Corp-Corp.com. "Businesses cannot replace an experienced workforce overnight."


Over 1,000 responses were received and the results reveal that almost half of the IT professionals of Indian origin are planning to return to India. 50% of the people who responded said that they will be returning to India soon, while 6.4% of them have already returned to India. The survey participants include permanent residents, citizens and visa holders. The survey results show 69% of visa holders and over 57% permanent residents or citizens intend to return to India.

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