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Use a Virtual Coach to Scale and Personalize Learning Efforts


Mon Jan 06 2020

Use a Virtual Coach to Scale and Personalize Learning Efforts

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As the business world becomes inundated with even more learning resources and incentives to grow, many of us see this as an opportunity to progress in our careers. In fact, 94 percent of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

Some of us, however, are overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses and learning paths and need some direction.


Many learners give excuses for not finishing their courses or have questions about which courses they should take, but it’s not scalable or realistic to expect L&D professionals to offer everyone personalized support and guidance.

So where should you turn? Our old friend, AI (artificial intelligence), can help.

AI opens up the possibility to create an extension of you—a virtual coach who can support your learners in a personalized and proactive way.

The Virtual Coach in Enterprise Learning

A virtual coach lets your learners play an active role in their learning journey, uses insights to create a deeper and more effective learning impact, and offers instant, personalized responses to queries, all without admin intervention.

The virtual coach can:

  • Respond to content requests and make content recommendations.

  • Send push notifications for reminders.

  • Answer questions.

  • Be accessible on desktop and mobile.

  • Provide feedback.

Learn Proactively

The virtual coach stops your learners from wasting time looking for content by suggesting materials, unprompted, and even pulling relevant snippets out of longer pieces of content.

Once learners have started a course, it also keeps them on track by sending progress reminders and suggestions about relevant learning content and courses that the AI thinks they should start next.

Rather than your learners having to ask for support, help is offered to them on a regular basis, with the virtual coach acting as the one-stop shop for information and guidance.

Maximize Engagement

Millennials are taking over today’s workforce, but 87 percent of them claim that their enterprise learning experience is boring despite that they value professional development.

A virtual coach helps with this by providing a personalized learning experience based on the information each learner feeds to it. Course formats, content types, and other preferences are noted so the AI can suggest similar content that will keep learners engaged for longer.


Admins Get Their Time Back

The virtual coach is going to drastically free your time as a learning professional and give you the ability to extend your reach without having to do a thing. Now, you can scale your learning support in the personalized way that your learners need without hiring more admins or sacrificing your time.

So, what will you do with the extra hours in the day? Concentrate on continuously improving your learning programs and aligning them to your business goals. As you produce more content, the virtual coach will be there to support you in personalizing your learners’ experience and reaching your learning goals.

Want to see what learning with a virtual coach looks like? Join us for a demo at ATD TechKnowledge 2020!

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