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Voice-Activated Sales Enablement Coaching Is Here!


Tue Jan 21 2020

Voice-Activated Sales Enablement Coaching Is Here!

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As we move into the decade of the 2020s, we are already using our voices to command many functions of our everyday life. Our voices have become our passwords and means of creating actions, such as diming lights, opening doors, calling up our favorite music tracks, and placing phone calls. Is it possible for us to use this same premise to access our sales training? The answer is yes!

As a training company with a 50-year history, Sandler Training has amassed thousands of sales recordings, podcasts, video role-plays, and planned curriculums for sales leaders. Accessing these things has (until now) become governed by websites, logins, passwords, and the need to sit before a computer monitor. But selling is a highly mobile activity that doesn’t lend itself well to being tied down when on the road, driving to a meeting, or in a hotel room. If it ceases to be convenient, it will also cease to be used. Enter My Sandler!


My Sandler is a collaboration that couples the indexing of the thousands of training assets created by Sandler Training (podcasts, videos, and the like) that are now searchable by voice command—working with the power of Alexa and the My Sandler app that is presently in beta testing. So, with your mobile device or Alexa’s Auto Echo, you can be on the go and bring your favorite sales lessons with you. Imagine it being as simple as: “Alexa, open My Sandler,” and you receive a “Welcome back” message. Then ask for your topic—for example, “Alexa, play Negotiating by David Mattson,” and you are immediately entering training mode for your next call. Or it might be a refresher such as, “Alexa, remind me about the budget step,” and review the key ingredients you need to properly qualify an opportunity. And for your sales leaders, it might be, “Alexa, search the 49 Rules for Sales Leaders,” and challenge yourself to measure up.

The adult learning model is best served by repetition and reinforcement, not one-day bootcamps where learnings begin to fade upon departure from the training. So, making continuous reinforcement triggered by your voice and your mobile devices removes the primary reason we don’t do it: It’s not convenient or easy. Now, whether it’s one of Sandler’s many courses or a favorite podcast, you now have the ability to call up training audio on demand. “Alexa, search for time management in podcasts” becomes your new gateway to on-demand reinforcement (and better time management).

See this technology in action at ATD’s TechKnowledge February 5–6 in San Jose, California.

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