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Welcoming March Blogger: David Kelly


Thu Mar 01 2012


David Kelly is a training director and internal learning and performance consultant. I first met David through Twitter. I was unable to attend last year's mLearnCon, so I took to following the hashtag on Twitter. I quickly noticed that one person (@LnDDave) was compiling a lot of the information coming out of the conference. David was pulling so much information together that I thought he was at the event. Only later did I realize he was monitoring everything from afar, grabbing information from Twitter, the conference website, and blogs.

That's how I came to know David Kelly and his love of backchannel learning. If you don't know David or are unfamiliar with backchannel learning, I suggest you check out his curated backchannels page, right now. David is doing something unique - for conferences he compiles all of the available content from a conference, including slides, presentations materials, relevant tweets, blog posts, pictures, and more and puts it all in one place. David is not only able to accurately live tweet the session he is in but also able to quickly scan and retweet other relevant tweets. If you've ever tried to do this, you know it's a unique talent. If you're unable to attend an event, combing through his backchannel material is the next best thing. I share his belief that this type of content curation is only going to become more and more important for learning professionals to understand and participate in.


Over the next few weeks, David will be talking about Twitter and content curation - so please jump into the discussion.

You can learn more about David over on his new, slick-looking website or by following him on Twitter @LnDDave.

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