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What Is LearnNow?


Wed Aug 21 2013

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As learning professionals, we know that learning is happening everywhere – certainly outside of the classroom and away from page-turner e-learning courses. People are learning with and from each other; they collaborate, share experiences, and troubleshoot problems. And people need information when and where they are working. 

So, how can the learning function empower the people working in our organizations to capture information and insights so they can be shared with others? In 2011, ASTD launched the LearnNow Conference to address this question.


LearnNow was a new type of event for ASTD – a mix between a conference and a workshop geared toward a smaller group to enable more hands-on work and extra time with the facilitators. And it focused on helping attendees integrate mobile, social media, and informal learning into their organizations’ learning strategies.

The event was so popular that we held it twice in 2012. This year, we want to take the event even further. We’re working with a new set of experts and facilitators, including Chad Udell, Jane Bozarth, and Julie Dirksen. We also built in longer session times to allow for even more hands-on work with peers and the facilitators.

The agenda is totally fresh, but still focused on helping you design innovative learning solutions.  Our goal is that you leave this event feeling energized and equipped with concrete, actionable ideas that you can implement in your organization when you return to work.

LearnNow is not about sitting back and listening to presentations. Be prepared to participate, collaborate, and work on real solutions.

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