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What to Expect from a Sales Coaching Program


Tue Jul 07 2009


A successful sales coaching program will instruct your sales team to use the following approaches. How does your coaching program relate (if you have one)?

Your sales coaching program should help you and your team:

  • Hire the right type of person by interviewing them with stringent criteria that will meet your organizations goals

  • Lead and reward with positive reinforcement, instead of implementing a negative coaching system

  • Provide blueprints and mind maps your sales team can follow, thereby alleviating common questions and increasing understanding of the organizations process

  • Hold monthly meetings with question and answer sessions

  • Discuss sales team members approaches that are working well

  • Ensure each member of your sales force learns these important techniques. Additional strategies include: determining the proper timing to deliver a sales pitch; know what kind of approach will be the most effective for a particular type of customer; and expert follow up strategy and implementation.

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