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What Works When Trying to Create Sales Discussions


Wed May 23 2018

What Works When Trying to Create Sales Discussions

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research recently studied 488 B2B buyers and 489 sellers who outbound prospect to determine what works (and what doesn’t) when trying to create sales discussions. The team of analysts uncovered some astounding facts from buyers, including 82 percent of buyers accept meetings at least sometimes with sellers who reach out and 58 percent of sales meetings are not valuable to buyers.

The results also revealed when buyers want to talk to sellers, content that captures buyer attention, the importance of LinkedIn, the truth about cold calling, and much more. Check out the infographic below to learn the answers and improve your prospecting results with these 30 must-know sales prospecting stats.

What Works When Trying to Create Sales Discussions-30_Must_Know_Sales_Prospecting_Stats_Infographic.png

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