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Why Conduct Induction Training in an LMS?


Thu Mar 02 2023

Why Conduct Induction Training in an LMS?

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Do you remember John Travolta's bewildered character in Pulp Fiction? He entered the lounge and threw up his hands, not knowing what to do next. This might look familiar if you’ve ever conducted training for your company. Unfortunately, most newbies feel this way if they’re deprived of quality induction training. And that's a big problem.

The lack of proper induction results in several adverse effects, including:

  • Excessive time consumption

  • Overloaded trainers and instructors

  • A poor welcome experience, affecting the company's image

  • Disengaged new hires who can't perform at their best

In this article, we continue discussion about online training in different work scenarios and cover the benefits of using an LMS for induction.

How Can an LMS Enhance Induction Training?

At the very least, online training in an LMS enables you to free two birds with one key.

First, an LMS makes induction less of a headache and source of stress for new hires, HR staff, and seasoned staff members. LMS-based induction courses conducted can substitute for several hours of face-to-face instruction, running from office to office trying to cram essential knowledge into a poor newbie's head.

Second, an LMS makes induction a streamlined, automated process covering all the bases without repeated effort. As a centralized e-learning platform, it enables you to set up the training process once for all new hires.

But there are more benefits to running induction with an LMS. Here are a few additional things you can accomplish.


Meet Training Requirements

  • Challenge: Nominal face-to-face induction is conducted in a rush and keeps entire teams from being fully productive and compliant.

  • Solution: Online induction training allows new hires to engage with the program independently on their devices anywhere, at any time, and be fully prepared for work before day one.

Make A Great First Impression

  • Challenge: Inconsistent induction to company history, brand philosophy, corporate structure and management staff, workplace environment, and key products and services is lackluster and confusing.

  • Solution: Impress new hires with your company and how you’ve gathered all the necessary information to support them. It's a good morale booster.

Ensure Cultural Click

  • Challenge: Lack of engagement with corporate culture can result in premature attrition due to cultural misfit.

  • Solution: Provide a proper introduction to your company's mission and values, so every new hire can understand the culture behind your products and services.

Deliver the Same Welcome Experience at All Locations

  • Challenge: A different new-hire experience for remote teams and in-person staff results in higher turnover in local offices.

  • Solution: Provide the same induction courses for every new hire entering the company, no matter where they work.


Online training is a surefire way to fast-track induction and achieve consistency. If you move induction training to an LMS, or at least partially, you’ll immediately immerse new hires in their work’s context and get them properly instructed without delays. In the long run, faster induction can save thousands of dollars and strengthen the employer’s brand.


We will continue this conversation about LMSs and their value for different business tasks and work scenarios. Stay tuned for upcoming articles in this series!

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