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Why Should You Lead an International Delegation to ATD 2017?


Fri Jan 27 2017

Why Should You Lead an International Delegation to ATD 2017?

As the largest association dedicated to talent development professionals, ATD has expanded its outreach to serve its members in more than 90 countries. Each year ATD hosts the International Conference & Exposition. At this event, professionals from all around the world come together to share the latest trends and best practices in the talent development field. They learn and discuss content across 10 content tracks and four industry tracks. What makes this experience even more exciting is the opportunity attendees have to interact and network with one another.

To enable this interaction, especially for international attendees, ATD encourages attendees to organize a delegation. Forming a delegation helps attendees not only have a great conference by traveling, attending sessions, networking, and having fun with familiar faces, but also take advantage of additional benefits:

  • Delegations receive a discounted rate for registration.

  • They get a special rate on joint international membership and registration.

  • They benefit from special recognition during the event. (There is special recognition in the conference addendum for any delegations organized before April 7; delegations organized after April 7 will still be recognized during an ATD International event.)

  • They receive easy badge pickup and registration.

  • A rebate structure may apply for large delegations (10 attendees or more).

  • Delegation leaders have a  great opportunity to practice leadership skills.

A delegation requires a minimum of five attendees. ATD supports delegation leaders throughout the promotion and registration process. 

Here are my top 10 tips for organizing a delegation:

  1. Use the toolkit materials, such as the email signatures and website banners.

  2. Contact ATD early to receive the international delegation code.

  3. Organize local workshops to network and meet potential attendees.

  4. Use the job aid and the registration spreadsheet created by ATD for online registration to make it easier for people to register.

  5. Use social media channels or chat apps to share your experiences and spread the word!

  6. Create an email chain, and keep adding new delegates and past attendees. Send out updates regularly.

  7. Organize preconference orientations with registered attendees in your delegation.

  8. Start planning as early as possible to have information on travel and visas to enter the United States.

  9. Organize post-conference events to share your knowledge and learn from others.

  10. Encourage your delegation to become ATD members!

For more information and advice the benefits of international delegations, attend the February 9th webcast, Leading an International Delegation to ATD 2017. You will hear from two of ATD’s returning and most successful delegation leaders: Igor Cozzo and Enokponi Iniworikabo. 

Igor is the executive director of the Brazilian Association for Training and Development. He has been a delegation leader for ATD conferences since 2007, working with more than 1,000 professionals. Enokponi is the managing consultant of Skills Dynamics Services. She is particularly skilled in the improvement of customer service delivery and personnel attitudes in the workplace. 

During Leading an International Delegation to ATD 2017, Igor and Enokponi will:

  • review highlights from ATD 2016

  • present best practices from experienced delegation leaders

  • help you lead an international delegation to ATD 2017. 

Register for the webcast today.

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