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Women in the Workplace: Where They Shine, Where They Struggle


Mon Jun 22 2009


(By ANITA BRUZZESE, Gannett) As the economic debacle of the last year is reviewed and dissected, there are more than a few who note that if women had been in charge on Wall Street, some of the financial risks would not have been taken and we'd be in much better shape right now.

"Women don't tend to bet the farm because their children live there," says Betty Spence, president of the National Association for Female Executives. "People used to say it was a drawback that women were risk averse, but I don't think they're saying that anymore."


That doesn't mean women don't have a thing or two to learn. While women make up nearly half the American work force, and the number of women who are breadwinners has grown with the shake-up in the economy, some women business leaders admit that women still need to improve some of their business savvy.

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