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Women Now Face Multiple Barriers to Career Progress


Thu Aug 30 2012


(From People Management ) -- The single glass ceiling model is outdated as women now face multiple barriers to career progression, new research has claimed. Two-thirds of women employed in the UK believe that they face multiple barriers throughout their working life, rather than just a single ceiling restricting entry into the boardroom, an Ernst & Young (E&Y) study has revealed.

The survey of 1,000 working women aged from 18 to 60 identified four key barriers to career progression that exist today. These barriers were: age, lack of role models, motherhood, and qualifications and experience.


When respondents were asked to identify three things that their organizations could do to remove these four barriers, the top answers were: more support after returning to work from having children (32 percent); additional support at every stage of their career lifecycle (24 percent); and visible female role models (19 percent).

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