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Workplace competition on the rise


Wed Apr 01 2009


(Patricia Rivera, Mar. 31, 2009, Philly.com) Employees may not be literally putting on boxing gloves, but they're growing more competitive with one another than ever before. Some 46 percent of senior executives said they believe employees are more competitive with one another today than they were 10 years ago in a poll by Office Team, the administrative staffing service based in Menlo, Calif.

While some competition is healthy in a free market, too much of it can affect teamwork, especially when organizations are tightening their belts. Elizabeth R. Lombardo, a psychologist in Wexford, Pa., says with tough economic times, workers are worried about possibly losing their jobs. "They are concerned about not getting the credit they think they deserve and need \[in order\] to keep their jobs. It truly is a survival mentality where people are fighting for limited resources to 'stay alive,'" she says.


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