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Workplace Learning to Improve IT Project Management By Bill Damaré


Tue Apr 10 2012


Featured Article:  Workplace Learning to Improve IT Project Management

By Bill Damaré


In “Workplace Learning to Improve IT Project Management,” Bill Damare describes how public sector organizations such as the Department of Defense have formulated a blueprint for many private sector companies to follow in order to facilitate change for project management.  Damare lists specific steps to follow which include:

  • Speaking the Same Language

  • New Legislation Prompts Training, Restructuring

  • Building a Training Roadmap

  • Training Put into Action

  • Training Roadmap Becomes Model for County

  • Training Fosters Teamwork


Excerpt Taken Directly From Workplace Learning to Improve IT Project Management

“The Department of Defense and private sector have reaped the benefits of standardizing project management tools and techniques for many years. Improvements in the way projects are estimated, scheduled, monitored, and completed have dramatically improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Large sums of taxpayer money are invested in complex projects, so federal, state, and local government agencies have begun to take a keen interest in institutionalizing standard project management practices. When these practices are not institutionalized, inconsistencies and variations in project manager and staff knowledge, skill, and experience can lead to mismanaged, overbudget, and, ultimately, failed projects.”

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