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Writing Instructions Checklist


Wed Jan 13 2016

Writing Instructions Checklist

Instructions are EVERYWHERE. From the “Push Down & Turn” arrows on top of your vitamin jar to the thick manual in your car’s glovebox detailing every feature. The purpose of instructions is to step a user through how to accomplish a task.

Use this Writing Instructions Checklist, excerpted from ATD’s new Writing for Instructional Design and Training Certificate Program, as a guide the next time you must develop clear, effective written instructions for your learners. 



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Join ATD facilitator, Karin Rex, for an upcoming offering of Writing for Instructional Design and Training Certificate. 

"The Writing for Instructional Design and Training Certificate Program will help make the instructional design writing process easier and reduce cognitive overload for your learners. Learn practical strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your writing and your courses.”

—ATD Facilitator Karin Rex


Karin is a certified synchronous facilitator, designer and producer with a master’s degree in professional writing. Karin is also an adjunct professor of writing for both Penn State and DeVry Universities.

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