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Mon Apr 09 2012


Perhaps you're saying, but I'm very happy in my current position and am not in job search mode, but think twice about this. In today's chaotic job market, you need an online presence to enhance your current career and to prepare for your next big jump to a bigger and better position or company. Check out Rich Feller's insightful book, "Knowledge Nomads and the Nervously Employed" http://www.amazon.com/Knowledge-Nomads-Nervously-Employed-Courageous/dp/1416400621 to get REAL about this job market.

Remember the first thing that recruiters or potential employers do when they're looking at candidates, is Google YOU! It really helps if you've positioned yourself as an expert in your chosen area. So even if you don't want to start a blog, participate in blogs. Get involved in the online discussion on current blogs or comment on posted articles on ASTD.org. Your name will come up along with your brilliant insights!


Facebook and Tweeting aren't just for connecting socially. Most successful companies are using these media to connect with young customers and employees, by creating a top of mind presence. Many jobs are discovered exclusively by following a company's Tweets.

Post info on the latest conference you attended or an aha you had about employee engagement or great article you read in Fast Company or a Training and Development job your company has posted...just do it now!!!

Still overwhelmed? Start with "Linked In", join several groups and take some webinars on Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook. START NOW!

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